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Reinventing Cambridge’s ‘area committees’

Did you know Cambridge had them? If so, have you been to one? What was it like for you? When I first found out about these, I took them literally. Well…they did invite everyone! https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/get-involved-at-your-local-area-committee. You can also see the calendar of monthly meetings here. Unfortunately this is only for Cambridge City Council meetings. IdeallyContinue reading “Reinventing Cambridge’s ‘area committees’”

Rebuilding civic society in Cambridge – starting with the Mill Road Library…

…but not stopping there. Because if we can’t bring back both the Mill Road Library and the Hobson Street Cinema back into public use, we may as well all go back home. I noticed that the County Council will be discussing its priorities for the Libraries service on Thurs 04 March 2021. You can readContinue reading “Rebuilding civic society in Cambridge – starting with the Mill Road Library…”