Waiting for today to happen

TL:DR. Do songs sound different after not having heard them for years – decades even? Chances are I heard the Lightning Seeds play this song when I saw them at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in early 1997. Waiting for today to happen: The Lightning Seeds, Epic 1996. Given the state of my mental and physicalContinue reading “Waiting for today to happen”

Where will the water come from for the extra 14,000 homes in Cambridge?

TL:DR – Government stats show the River Cam and ground water levels are struggling. “There is no environmental capacity for additional development in the new Local Plan [2030 ono] to be supplied by with water by increased abstraction from the Chalk Aquifer. Even the current level of abstraction is widely believed to be unsustainable”.p17 here.Continue reading “Where will the water come from for the extra 14,000 homes in Cambridge?”

Class, control, and classical music in late 20thC Cambridge

TL:DR. Dr Anna Bull, formerly of this parish has written a book. Buy it and read it. Please. I’m not really sure what the best way to begin this article actually is. I’ve already deleted entire paragraphs pondering whether to give a personal history as a background is the right way to go. This pieceContinue reading “Class, control, and classical music in late 20thC Cambridge”

Planning for whose future?

TL:DR On the Government’s new Planning White Paper avoiding anything more than the most minimal of scrutiny. The White Paper policy document is called Planning for the Future – and incorporates a consultation as well. The consultation ends on 29 October 2020. John Crace in The Guardian has this acidic take. One of the thingsContinue reading “Planning for whose future?”

“Who killed the study of public administration in the UK?” Good question.

As Prof Colin Talbot states in his article for the London School of Economic & Political Sciences (LSE), the UK once had a thriving ecosystem of practical and academic research into the functioning of public institutions. Yet today both academia and the wider public lack a basic general knowledge of public administration in the UKContinue reading ““Who killed the study of public administration in the UK?” Good question.”

What can past Cambridge town planning documents tell us about the future?

TL:DR – Quite a lot – and not least they can inform us of what questions to ask next time around. Which is now. It seems like there’s a new consultation for something every other day in and around Cambridge at the moment. In part this is reflected by the fragmentation of local governance whichContinue reading “What can past Cambridge town planning documents tell us about the future?”

Fighting the emptiness with the shutdown of group activities

With the present Government making a big deal of three-word-slogans, ministerial urges for the masses to spend and build are not compensating for the void left behind by the closure of social activities and the venues that host them. Above – me after eight years with mental exhaustion. Sleep never brings rest. I’m struggling toContinue reading “Fighting the emptiness with the shutdown of group activities”

How do you solve the bridge-related problems with Mill Road?

TL:DR – I don’t know either, but the problems facing people in the neighbourhood are intrinsically linked to a whole host of other things happening in and around Cambridge. If you want the very long history going back 200 years, I recommend going to the pages of the Mill Road History Society. The much shorterContinue reading “How do you solve the bridge-related problems with Mill Road?”

After five months of Lockdown

…and our inability to do anything about it on the back of a policy vacuum in Whitehall Of the many things that have struck me about the political response to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the difference between ministerial support for things that involve primarily spending money vs ones that involve dealing with the social andContinue reading “After five months of Lockdown”

The Owl and the Dragon Fairy

I will get my head around the settings on this. Too much sleepfail of late. Anyway, welcome to my new blog – a Cambridge town-based blog of Antony Carpen, local historian researching the past couple of hundred years of Cambridge’s history – that of the town rather than the University of Cambridge & its colleges.Continue reading “The Owl and the Dragon Fairy”