The Owl and the Dragon Fairy

I will get my head around the settings on this. Too much sleepfail of late. Anyway, welcome to my new blog – a Cambridge town-based blog of Antony Carpen, local historian researching the past couple of hundred years of Cambridge’s history – that of the town rather than the University of Cambridge & its colleges.

Above – the new logo for my Lost Cambridge project featuring Puffles the Dragon Fairy from my blog of the 2010s, A Dragon’s Best Friend, and Dusk the Owl from the clock on the Cambridge Guildhall.

“Why another creature after a decade with that damn cuddly toy?”

People seem to like animal mascots. And let’s face it, the most famous building in Cambridge – King’s College Chapel, is covered in them. Inside you’ll find a pack of hounds and a weyr of Welsh Dragons.

“How will this be different to Lost Cambridge?”

Lost Cambridge (which I kind of stumbled upon by accident) is very much work in progress and is very specifically about Cambridge’s past – about people who have already lived and events/incidents that have already happened.

This one is very much a continuation of A Dragon’s Best Friend but without the dragon persona. The logo of the Lost Cambridge Project was designed by Karen Arnott of Arnott Design and incorporates a number of town historical features plus one of my own creations (Puffles) while at the same time drawing a line under that decade – the Twitter account for the dragon long since closed down.

“What can we expect to see that’s the same?”

Local democracy and life experiences in a nutshell.

“…and different?”

That depends on what ministers decide to do in response to the Corona Virus outbreak. Because in the grand scheme of things, social events have been shut down in order to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, expect to see a series of changes on the structure and systems of government and the state in the face of the demands and experiences responding to the Corona Virus. Which means inevitably that things are going to be different to the past decade.

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