UK Government gets juiced by Australian spoof media outlet

TL:DR? Watch this video. NSFW version.

Produced by The Juice Media who have been putting out adverts mainly aimed at their own governments in Australia, and more recently the USA.

You can see their videos here. They pull no punches, are short, sharp, comprehensive in all the bad stuff they cover, and remind us all of what happens if we collectively sit back and let bad stuff happen unopposed.

THEJUICEMEDIA – 98.9% “genuine satire”: covering Government shitfuckery and the most pressing issues of our time  – written & created by Giordano in a backyard home-studio in suburban Melbourne, Australia – on Wurundjeri/Kulin land. “

In the run up to the Australian General Election they produced this video about the weaknesses of the two-party system (where confusingly the Liberal Party are a Conservative Party. But at least the Australian Labor Party is the sister party of the UK Labour Party – and ditto The Greens for both countries.

The winning party in the Australian House of Representatives needs 76 seats to get a majority. The Australian Labor Party won 77 seats while the incumbent Liberal/National Coalition lost 19 seats – including seven to a group of independent candidates known as the Teal Independents (effectively similar to a mix of moderate Conservatives who are very concerned about the climate emergency, and are very unhappy with the strong rightwing shift of their parties).

The Green Party of England & Wales produced a couple of very good ones in the previous decade.

This one perhaps still applies.

They also produced a boyband-style video for 2015 which poked fun at the three main parties fighting over a narrow area of politics. So uninspiring were the main party leaders that Newzoids went after all of them with a Taylor Swift spoof.

Party election broadcasts are actually very, very difficult to get right.

How many of them can you remember from recent or even distant history? Exactly! And I can’t think of one that has been credited with turning an election campaign, let alone winning an election. Hence those with less to lose in terms of party politics seem to have more freedom to be creative – such as the mashups from PoliticsJoe.

Above – I fought the law mashup on PoliticsJoe.

The playlist of mashups they’ve featured are here – music being a common thread. Which again makes it harder to get both music and comedy spot on.

Some on the other hand go straight for the political jugular – such as this one by Captain Ska ft Rubi Dan titled F–k Boris. From a generation before, and from a Folk background was the Oysterband with Jam Tomorrow. In between the two was Chumbawamba with Amnesia which went after Tony Blair’s new government long before anyone else did. (This was the time of Cool Britannia).

It’s not just the mashups – before they became prominent, there were a number of pieces that were done by the likes of Bremner, Bird & Fortune, and also Jon Culshaw.

Above – Jon Culshaw vs G-Brown.

Then there were the Newzoids with this video on Nigel, and this prophetic number on Boris. And finally there was the back catalogue of Spitting Image – including Santa Claus is on the dole. (The B-side was the Atheist Tabernacle Choir which lampooned everyone. Even intellectual atheists!)

Anyway, enjoy!

Normally I blog about things local to me in and around Cambridge that involve local rather than national politics – though I often return to national issues if something catches my eye. Of late though, it’s been too depressing! Hence appreciating the light relief provided by The Juice Media.

If you are interested in the longer term future of Cambridge, and on what happens at the local democracy meetings where decisions are made, feel free to:

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