Cambridge elections – Queen Edith’s hustings (& other ones too!)

TL/DR? Have a listen to the radio shows and the East Chesterton hustings.

A short video this – which I’ve made a sort of audio/video version of below. Again, Chronic Fatigue and Post-Exertional Malaise kicking in after my weekly walk to the Queen Edith’s food hub (which also acts as a social gathering with free refreshments kindly put on by St James’ Church as well).

Above – outside The Coffee House on Wulfstan Way, trying to warm up before wandering back home!

Hence sticking with this quick blogpost about the Queen Edith’s hustings (organised by the Queen Edith’s Community Forum – you’ll see people with pink t-shirts on) on 25 April 2023 at 7pm at St John’s Church Hall on Hills Rd (see


CamCycle (who I am a member of) run an annual questionnaire informed by members from across the city and now beyond in the run up to local and national elections. You can read my responses in the Cambridge City Council ones along with those of my fellow candidates who responded. Select the “Queen Edith’s” ward.

I was also invited to say a little about my proposals in the Queen Edith’s Magazine – you can read the entries from all of us on Page 9 here:

Again, nothing you won’t be familiar with on my part. Make what you will of the candidate next to me, Dr Gordon Gregory.

I’ve also put up some (well…30 of them!) discussion slides on both Queen Edith’s and Cambridge, which you can view here.

Above – print-out of the discussion slides that I’ve uploaded here

There have also been some election debates not involving me. (Phew!)

As always, find your candidates at Type in your postcode, view the social media links of your candidates, ask them/us questions, and cast an informed vote on what you’ve read and heard from the candidates (as well as in local media!)

If you are interested in the longer term future of Cambridge, and on what happens at the local democracy meetings where decisions are made, feel free to:

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