A Cabinet Minister telling the Commons that the Gov’t intends to break international law, is not normal.

….and in trying to dampen down the outrage, ministers are only making it worse.

This is the front page that won the internet today:

…and it relates to this.

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland was responding to laser-like questioning from the Chairman of the Justice Select Committee.

So politics, history, and legal communities on social media have been on fire all afternoon as party hacks inside Downing Street searched high and low in the political talent puddle to try and find people to go on the media to defend the Government’s line. Then we heard news of lockdown conditions being brought back in due to the rise in recent CV19 cases. But this won’t happen until Monday next week. Which gives everyone the chance to have pre-lockdown parties all weekend before the law changes again.

“This does break international law in a very specific and limited way.” – expect various iterations of this line to be used in up-and-coming trials of Extinction Rebellion activists following recent actions.

Yet according to John Major’s Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell – who until fairly recently was the Chair of the Commons Health Select Committee – stated that such an announcement was a distraction from the rule of law scandal.

It wasn’t just me mentioning the pre-lockdown party risk. Furthermore, a recurring theme on social media is that no one really knows what the current rules are – and are getting angry at the Secretary of State for Health seemingly blaming young people for the recent rise in cases.

At PMQs later on, the Prime Minister will face the former Director of Public Prosecutions in the House of Commons.


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